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JGI Shared Services Center (SSC) is a novel feature of JGI Ventures. SSC works as a strategic partner for entrepreneurs in helping them build sustainable businesses and strong stakeholder relationships. The vision of SSC is to create a unique climate of leadership, support, mentoring and business opportunities through the JGI network that will help our entrepreneurs to succeed and thrive as part of business ecosystem.

"Our primary focus is to provide value add services at affordable rates to early stage companies as we believe that access to expert advice on a continual basis is essential for the SME segment to scale up and succeed"

CEO, JGI Ventures India Pvt Ltd

The salient features of SSC would include provision of:

  • Expertise in key areas such as Human Resources (HR), legal, finance, administration, marketing,etc. so that the entrepreneur focuses on customer acquisition and outsources the non-core activities to SSC.
  • Networking, funding, customer acquisition, sharing best practices & hiring are some our functionalities. We provide access to a vast network of accomplished professionals & successful entrepreneurs.


We have an empaneled team of experts whose breadth and depth of experience will be of tremendous value in accelerating performance of early stage companies. Our team of experts invest in time and effort thereby providing cutting edge solutions and services that address business problems of entrepreneurs and help in giving them a competitive edge.

The list of services offered by SSC is indicated below:



How will the entrepreneurs benefit from Shared Services Centre (SSC)?
We believe that processes, methodologies, knowledge repositories and the expertise of residents with the SSC will benefit our entrepreneurs. We have entailed the same in the table below:

Focus Benefits
Strategic partner for outsourcing
  • Manage non-core activities of the entrepreneurs from our shared centre at affordable rates.
  • Enable strategic decisions for profitability and growth.
Business Plan review
  • Feedback on business plans from funding institutions and entrepreneurs.
  • Interactions with funding institutions and angel investors.
Peer Review
  • The process of entrepreneurs sharing their experiences in designated groups of peers for maximizing learning.

Specialized advice

  • Sector specific expertise is available from reputed professionals in reviewing and aligning the actual performance of the business on a continuous basis.
  • Opportunity to interact, learn and get motivated by successful and well-known entrepreneurs.

For more information about our service offerings or to talk to an expert please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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