Vision & Mission


The vision of JGI ventures is to be a nurturing mentorship organization, which aims to incubate and to support more than 8000 entrepreneurs and to be an active participant in sustainable community development projects.


  • To promote awareness on the spirit of entrepreneurship among students in India
  • To conduct programs on entrepreneur development
  • To incubate ideas by supporting with planning, funding, monitoring and coaching
  • To support and nurture the enterprises to success

The JGI Ventures India Pvt Ltd has set up an Incubation Centre exclusively to help you incubate your new business ideas. Our Incubation Cell will provide you with various types of support services like Finance, HR, Legal and other support functions so that you are able to focus on your business. We will also mentor you and provide for a dedicated team of experts to work alongside with you to achieve success during your startup phase.

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