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rcjain"For a prosperous and democratic society to thrive, economic growth is vital and the engine for the growth is entrepreneurs."

Social entrepreneurship is a fast growing movement that uses the tools of business to create positive results for society at every level. By developing and deploying innovative solutions to deep societal problems, social entrepreneurs improve our communities & the world in which we live. Social entrepreneurship has emerged as a powerful way of meeting global human needs in a context of scarce resources.

"Empowering youngsters and promoting education & entrepreneurship to ensure that there is significant growth in both these areas is an important way to contribute to society and the country"

JGI Ventures has been set up to create world class entrepreneurs who will not only create jobs but will also adopt rural children and provide them with a valuable education. A significant clause of the incubation by JGI is that every entrepreneur will commit a portion of their profits towards educating the underprivileged. In this way, it is ensured that the ongoing dedication of our proteges is towards the creation of leaders for the present and the future. I welcome us all to witness and participate in the transformation of modern India.

Dr. Chenraj Roychand,
Founder Chairman,
JGI Group (
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JGI Ventures India Pvt. Ltd.

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