About JGI Ventures India Pvt Ltd


JGI Ventures India Pvt Ltd was established towards incubating and supporting entrepreneurial ventures and new innovative business ideas with the goal of ushering a revolution in entrepreneurship based on the pioneering vision of Dr.Chenraj Jain, Founder and Chairman of the Jain Group of Institutions (www.jgi.ac.in). This organization has invested in the launch and incubation of several start up enterprises and is now progressing rapidly on an ambitious growth and expansion plan.

The organization comprises of a dedicated team of business and financial experts. JGI Ventures has a robust network to enable funding of start ups and is well poised to build a dynamic ecosystem to nurture the development and fuel the growth of nascent enterprises.

Presently, JGI Ventures is associated with the design development and launch of a unique and novel program which spans both educational and business dimensions, the "JGI-IDEA" program. This Program, JGI Incubation & Development of Entrepreneurial Ability aims to build and develop entrepreneurs on a massive scale, wherein the first part of the program is educational and the second part is focusing on the launch and incubation of new business ventures by JGI Ventures. For more information on the JGI IDEA Program, please visit www.jgiidea.org

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